This past Saturday Rise Vermont went to a fantastic event right here in Saint Albans, Women We Can. This blog will look into what this event is all about and why you should attend next year. The Women’s ‘We Can’ team is aimed at sharing their skills and knowledge with other women who are interested in personal growth, career advancement or building a business. The expo is open to the whole community and vendors from all of the community were there as well.

The mission of this expo tells a lot about the preparation for this conference/expo. The knowledge portion for this expo is done through a few different means, such as: workshops, exhibitors, inspirational keynote speakers and one-on-one time with sponsors. The workshops are brought through local resources that have a vested interest in a specific professional arena. The workshops are flexible and dynamic with the ability to ask questions right there with the sponsors. At this particular expo there were over six workshops offered for the community.

Over the course of this expo there were twenty plus vendors lining the walls of Bellows Free Academy. They were ranging from health, wellness, financial planning, career development, childcare and many, many more. Intermittently throughout there were special presentations given as well, such speakers as Melinda Moulton, CEO of Main Street Landing, Michele Bessette, Danielle Spooner and Martha Brace to name a few. Their goal was to tell their story, to go in depth of their past, present and future aspirations and dreams. By these women presenting it allowed the audience another story to align themselves with, therein empowering them to go create their own story to tell.

This event covers a wide spectrum of helpful tools for our local community and is involved in the development of our future generations and current populations. This year was the third year that the event was held and next year it’ll be even larger! If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful annual community event please check out the website at

Did you attend this event? What was your experience like, comment below!