This blog aims to look at how we as a community and individually stay physically active during these cold winter months. For many, this is the time of year where routines tend to become our second priority. Whether you’re excited to ski or ready to curl up under a blanket on the couch, these next few months are the most important for physical activity.

Winter is coming, and how to approach these shorter days will determine whether you stay on track to reach your goals or not. If you’re doing physical activity outside now (walking, biking, hiking), you should look ahead and see in what ways you can continue those same activities. It may be moving to an indoor location, temporarily switching to a stationary bicycle or putting a few more layers on. You need to remind yourself that these habits didn’t happen overnight, they took hard work, sweat and energy to create.

Plan ahead. You really can’t stress this aspect of health enough, if you’re thinking of making a change, plan it. Look at your calendar to see upcoming months where you’ll have time to dedicate to your physical activity of choice, whether it is: snowshoeing, skiing, cross country skiing, hiking or biking. While looking ahead into the winter season plan trip(s) that way you’ve already committed yourself to that activity.

Physical active doesn’t have to be structured either. If you and your friends and family are shoveling, walking or simply making a snow sculpture that is all physical activity. Within Franklin and Grand Isle county there are a number of great events held throughout the winter months to keep families and communities active. The link below will give you some basic ideas that you will be able to do (snow pending) throughout the winter months.

If you’d like to stay up to date on community events and resources please check out our website @ where we have up-to-date community events that are happening right in your area!