I’m a mother of three, and a healthy lifestyle is important to our family.   I’m always trying to figure out fun ways to keep health and wellness as a priority in our family and so when I heard about RiseVT, I couldn’t wait to be involved.   . There are times when I have noticed our family is not eating as well, or being as active as we should and our family has less energy and the kiddos just aren’t themselves.   So anything that I can do as a mom to get them excited and also incorporate into our lives to stay healthy, I’m on board.

I loved RiseVT’s scorecards.   They helped create a “game” atmosphere and my kids really got excited.   In a short week we incorporated physical fitness breaks, a fresh fruit bowl and trying a new vegetable…fennel.   At first the fitness breaks got some eye-rolling, but after a few, the kids got excited and asked for more.   It’s a great feeling when your kids get excited about health.

One of the biggest wins for us was the fresh fruit bowl.   My kids love to snack, and by making a simple addition to our counter, I found that they were grabbing for more fruit and less junk!   I went through a whole bag of oranges in one week.

I would recommend this program to other families.   Whether you are just starting out or if you are really into health, RiseVT fits for everyone.