Easy ways to be active as a family

Being active as a family in 2017… We live in a County that has oodles of free fun, access to rivers, lakes, mountains, trails, hill tops; the list goes on and on…  Our county has a wealth of opportunities right outside your door.

Family time has its advantages, creating a stronger emotional bond between parents and children; better communication between family members, the advantages of being physically active with youth and modeling positive behaviors leads to better health and wellness for the whole family.

Spending quality family time together doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. In fact, some of the most fun activities are little-to-no cost adventures.


Snowshoeing; whether you’re looking for an afternoon walk around a neighborhood trail, a weekend hike, mountain views, a new winter workout, or just some family fun. Snowshoeing is the least expensive sport, fun and easy; it’s equally fun for the whole family. It’s a great way to stay actives as a family through the winter months.   Snowshoes are available at local libraries throughout Franklin & Grand Isle County & local Recreation Departments.

Snowshoe available here: Swanton Recreation: www.swantonrec.org  Facebook Swanton Recreation

Check out www.risevt.com for trails close to you & local libraries to check out your snowshoes

Wildlife snowshoeing https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Missisquoi/visit/visitor_activities.html

Sledding is a great activity for kids it gets them outside in the fresh air, it’s inexpensive, and it’s an outing the whole family can enjoy.  Sledding is a fun experience for the whole family but can be a dangerous too, few tips to help make your sledding adventure a safe one, do a walk through first check the area for branches, rocks, and other dangerous obstacles, watch out for other sliders “get out of the way”, always sit on a sled no standing ,helmets are recommended. Lastly have fun and enjoy the fresh Vermont air with your family.    Hard’Ack, www.hardack.com  Facebook Hard’Ack, Inc.

Ice Skating, strap on some skates grab a helmet and glide around the ice, Ice-skating is a fun form of intense cardiovascular exercise which improves balance and builds muscle in your legs and core. When we say the whole family, we mean the whole family. Ice-skating is relatively low impact, making gliding easy on the joints for grandpa and grandma. However, be sensitive to the safety concerns of older family members, they may feel more comfortable on camera duty!

Places to skate indoors check website for skating schedule & skate rentals;

Highgate Arena, www.mahahockey.org

Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Center, cpsc.fcsuvt.org


Hit the tails  you don’t have to trek hours into the woods lugging a backpack and camping supplies to reap the benefits of hiking. Taking in some scenery other than your neighborhood can be good for your mind, too. Your family hike can be something you do once every couple of months or something you do weekly it’s a great ways to explore nature clear your mind while you enjoy time with your family.  Family Trail Scavenger hunts are fun to make list examples; bird’s nest, mushrooms, particular trees, wildlife, etc.

Find a trail near you and let the family adventure begin. For a tail near you; visit Rise VT Healthy Waypoints @ www.risevt.com  Town Forest:  www.stalbanstown.com/town-forest

Want to build a snowman what a fun creative family fun idea.  All you need is snow, warm cloths, and creative open mind. www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Snowman

Take a walk we already know that getting kids physically active is a big part of the solution. So, what’s the easiest way to pry your kid from the tube and get him outside for some activity? “Walking,”

Make it fun, with I spy, track your steps with a pedometer, fit bit etc…  Walking is a great way to talks with your kids & promotes family wellness together.


Keep Rising Franklin & Grand Isle County

Betsy Cherrier Fournier

Rise VT Wellness Specialist