In 2017 RiseVT supported a Mini Grant Project at Bakersfield School in the amount of $2,500.00 to support the school’s effort in embracing healthy lifestyles. The grant funds went to purchasing a water fountain and stainless steel water bottles for all students, faculty, and staff in the building.

The fountain was installed in the gym and has had a positive impact to accessing drinking water. Previously during the day students had to go to the nurse to get cold water from her cooler, now they merely have to proceed to the fountain and fill up their water bottle. During sporting events students are now able to get a drink from the fountain or fill their bottles without having to run to the hall water fountain. This addition has eliminated the need to purchase bottled water, which also saves on recycling and waste.

The Wellness Team at Bakersfield School continues to encourage all students and staff to choose to drink water as part of a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of benefits drinking water has on our health and if access to drinking water is easier than access to other sugary beverages together we create an environment where making the healthy choice is the easiest choice.