Have you ever scouted a walking area around where you live, work or play? Do you know how long it would take you? This blog will be looking at the second semester collaboration between Rise Vermont and Vermont Adult Learning. Our first semester working together taught us some valuable lessons about time, schedules and receptiveness to certain activities. So Rise Vermont is back in full swing for another four classes spread throughout an eight week period.

Wednesday we had our first meeting with a whole new group of students. We had two classrooms joined together for this Rise Vermont educational piece. We spent roughly an hour going over our online Health Risk Assessment (HRA), went over pedometer basics and went for a one mile walk. Starting with the health risk assessment we had an open discussion about what they felt went well with the assessment and any questions they may have had.

During talking openly about our HRA the students thought it was interesting some of the questions that were asked such as, seat belt safety, fire safety and preventative health as well. Some of these areas we talked about a little more in depth to show how they connect to someone’s overall health and wellness. Next we spent some time talking pedometers, how they work and why walking each and every day is important for our health.

After that part of class we went outside and put the pedometers on! The students usually receive approximately a 15 minute break each class so I wanted to show them a practical way that they’d be able to get their steps in and a healthy way for them to enjoy their break. We went around the whole block which is just under a mile in length, with 80{c2cbb2609134fa653b862bebf1b023e2c8a690eb50d4fd5de41ef6f032897687} of the walk having access to a sidewalk. This walk with the students was a great opportunity also for them to grasp what 10,000 steps was like, and this walk was just under 2,500. During our last session with the VAL this semester we’ll be working with them to put on a walking challenge with the staff and students.

This continued level of collaboration is the beginnings towards our goal(s) of long-term change within an organization. While these initial steps may seem simple, the long-term ramifications of these actions will align quite nicely with the goals of our grant. We never stop searching for new entities to work with and help make personalized progress towards improved health and wellness.

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