Over 20 people attended the first #RiseVTShowUp Event at Taylor Park in Saint Albans on June 3rd.    #RiseVTShowUp is designed to energize, motivate & inspire members of the community to get physically activity together.  The range of activities are intended and adaptable to all ages and fitness levels and for our first event we had a 4 year old all the way to a 90 year old.  🙂

The goal was to make it around Taylor Park 3 times during the hour.   Brian Clukey, RiseVT Health Coach led the event and set up stations around the loop with a physical activity challenge at each corner.   Some of these challenges included lunges, squats and jumping jacks.

There were over 1/2 dozen kids racing around the park and one kiddo lapped the adults and made it around the loop 4 times.

Brian Clukey expressed his excitement and eagerness for the future.  “It’s a lot of fun, and I can’t wait until next week.  It was great to have such an awesome turn out for our first one.  I hope everyone brings a friend next time.”

If you are interested in participating in our #RiseVTShowUp events, check out the events pages or see our live event on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/844910665546576/

We hope you “show up” and join us next week!