On behalf of the –Aldis Hill Playground Trust Board of Trustees

2017 RiseVT Mini Grant Project Thank You!

The Aldis Hill Playground Trust Board of Trustees extends their sincere appreciation in being awarded a 2017 RiseVT grant of $4,000 for much needed trail maintenance work on Aldis Hill.

Aldis Hill, locally known as Hard’Ack, is a gem consisting of approximately 120 acres of lovingly protected wilderness on the eastern elevations of St. Albans City and Town. It is a magical web of recreation trails for the public to explore and enjoy. The “playground” has existed since 1892 due to the Aldis family’s generous foresight. It has been maintained and expanded by community partners and volunteers since that time. The wonderfulness of this treasure doesn’t maintain itself. The Aldis Hill Playground Trust has limited financial resources and takes every opportunity to welcome volunteers and pursue possible grants, donations, and bequeaths to protect this community treasure.

In July, 2017 the trust was awarded a $4,000 RiseVT Mini Grant. The “playground” is a natural fit with RiseVT’s mission of “Embracing Healthy Lifestyles” and to that end these funds were put to good use. The trust was able to catch up on much needed trail maintenance, while partnering with worthy community entities in doing so. $2,000 was used to hire the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) and $2,000 was also used for students in the summer work program at Soar Learning Center, a program of Northwestern Counseling & Support Services.  Their respective efforts included erosion control by trail rerouting, dead fall removals, invasive plants removal, signage installation, and water bar maintenance.

These trail maintenance efforts were a win-win for all involved. From the pride taken by the Soar Learning Center students, staff and the VYCC participants, to the very real benefits on the health and happiness of our community members utilizing the trails. These upkeep efforts allow our friends and neighbors to embrace the Vermont traditions of healthy outdoor activeness for kids, families, and individuals. It is our mission to sustain a welcoming and safe Aldis Hill Playground for generations to come – as it is truly one of St. Albans crown jewels. RiseVT’s support to this end was truly appreciated!


Tony Treanor on behalf of the – Aldis Hill Playground Trust Board of Trustees


Photo Caption: 2017 Vermont Youth Conservation Corps workers at the top of Aldis Hill Playgroup working on erosion control, dead fall removal, invasive plant removal, signage installation, and water bar maintenance.