The village of Swanton is believed to be the first place that humans inhabited Vermont, dating back to 6,000 B.C.! This blog will look at some of the progress that Swanton Village has make throughout the past few years (not thousands). The transformations this village has been making are rapid and sustainable, so what has made them so successful?

Consistency, Swanton Village has been working with Rise Vermont before we even launched as one of our pilot municipalities, and they’ve never looked back! They became a Rise Vermont Certified Municipality by taking our business scorecard. This 45 minute process allowed us to analyze some different areas where small, manageable change can be made.

How has this team of nearly 40 employees seen such progress? The village manager Reg Beliveau has taken great pride with the health and wellness of his staff. The leadership engagement with Rise Vermont has allowed us to collaboratively enhance the overall wellness of the organization through, policies, procedures and wellness screenings. This effort

The staff began participating in health coaching in May of 2015 and the individuals have been making leaps and bounds towards better health. Together they’ve lost over 65 pounds and have been able to maintain their lifestyle changes. Individual progress has also been made with tobacco cessation, physical activity and dietary habits. Changes such as these have led to decreased blood pressure, decreased cholesterol, increased awareness and productivity. Our evolving collaboration will continue on after our first year as the changes are here to stay.

Swanton Village is one establishment out of many that we’ve been working with. If you’re a business, school, municipality of family we’d love to connect you to our available resources. Our collaboration won’t always look the same as we pride ourselves upon personalization towards embracing a healthier lifestyle.

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