Have you ever been sore? If your answer was yes, then you’ll benefit from reading our newest blog about stretching and how it can help improve your life. Stretching is one of the best ways to relieve muscle tension, stress and improve flexibility. We’re going to explore each of these unique ways stretching can help you and what you have to do in order to reap the benefits.

Why should I start stretching? Stretching is a great, free way to feel better throughout your day as well as your lifetime. Our focus on stretching is mainly due to how inactive we’ve become and acting as a way to counter-act this change. For a minimal of 5 minutes of stretching a day you’ll be able to start seeing and feeling the results of adding stretching to your routine. Next I’d like to dive a little further into stretching itself and what you’ll need to do to see improvements.

There are a few basic principles I’d like to go over first. Dynamic stretching which is done through a range of motion (arm circles). Passive stretching is done through holding a muscle in a lengthened or stretched position (sit & reach) {I’ll have a link at the bottom of this blog with more examples of these exercises}. Dynamic stretches should be done before any physical activity or exercise, and will help your body warm up for the activity you’re about to do. Passive stretches should be done at the end of physical activity or exercise as a way to improve your overall flexibility. Stretching should be done at least 3 – 4 times per week but can certainly be done every day as well.

If you have a certain area or muscle that is sore or becomes sore from a specific activity it always a good idea to begin with stretching as a way to resolve to soreness. Stretching a specific sore muscle can relieve tension in the muscle and thereby relieve some soreness as well. The other concept I’d like to focus on using stretching as a way to decrease injury. Having a better overall range of motion with a joint through stretching will help decrease your chance of becoming injured.

Having gone through some basic stretching there is still the topic of when to stretch in general. I’d recommend always stretching in the morning as soon as you wake up and then throughout the day if you’re stiff or sedentary for long periods of time, it’s always good to get some movement in. Remember, you can stretch anywhere, with anything at any time! Please let Rise Vermont know if you’ve had or plan on having success with stretching throughout your day.

http://www.brianmac.co.uk/stretch.htm  this will link you to a website outlining some great static stretches to perform as well as going over some of the information talked about in this blog.