Wait, it’s almost time for what? You guessed it, snowfall is coming sooner than you can imagine. This blog is going to explore the utilization of snowshoes, how to acquire them, how to use them and most importantly where to use them. For many, taking a leisurely stroll during the winter doesn’t seem to be their go-to activity. However, if you’re properly prepared and have the right equipment it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Rise Vermont has distributed a wide variety of snow shoes throughout Franklin and Grand Isle counties. You can pick and borrow a pair of snowshoes through your local libraries. These snowshoes provided by Rise Vermont fit all age ranges and shoe sizes as well. As a bonus to having a free rental of snowshoes at your library, the first time you borrow a pair you’ll get a free neck warmer. These neck warmers are just that, an article of clothing designed to prevent the wind from getting to your bare skin. They can also be converted into a balaclava to protect your forehead and ears from the elements.

Today we’re focusing on one location in particular that you’re able to borrow snowshoes from. Enosburg Public Library has received a wide variety of snowshoes that they’re able to offer to any community members. All you have to do is go in, ask for a pair, and sign them out! You may be thinking…well where can I use these snowshoes?

Right in downtown Enosburg there is a great trail (Brown River Trail). Many of you may not know about it, because it’s new, and it’s tucked away just a little. If you’re entering Enosburg from Pearl Street (Route 105), you’ll want to take a left, and then your next immediate right will be Dickinson Avenue. Both the High School and Middle School are located on this street. Continue approximately ½ mile down the street and you’ll encounter a sharp bend in the road and it’ll be located slightly down the embankment on your right. This trail is just over 1 mile in length and runs alongside the river making it a great location to snowshoe.

If you’d like to learn more about where you can snowshoe in your community, please be on the lookout for more blogs talking about local trails and libraries. If you’d like to learn more about Enosburg Public Library and the events that’re held there please check out their website: https://enosburghlibrary.net/




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