On July 20th, RiseVT sponsored a Show Up in Taylor Park, led by the amazing Nina King! Nina led through a workout using a deck of playing cards. Each suit was a specific exercise, such as squats, push-up, triceps dip, etc. The number on the card was the amount of reps that we were to complete. It was a total body workout. She also threw in some bonus moves that involved running or jumping jacks, when you drew a specific card. It was a total body workout!

Everyone was able to work out at their pace. Nina’s energy and enthusiasm made the workout go quickly. She also gave modifications to make it easier or more difficult to whoever wanted to adapt the workout to their level.
Nina is a personal trainer and works out of the Train Station. Check out her Facebook page “Nina King Certified Personal Trainer”! She is a NASM certified personal trainer and I specializes in weight and strength training, but is also involved in running, hiking, yoga and boxing and has been experimenting with Crossfit. She is currently training for a Spartan Race!

Nina King
She has also competed in 3 bodybuilding competitions, and is proud of taking 1st place in New York last fall! She considers herself an optimist and absolutely loves working with clients and sharing her passion about fitness!
If you are interested in trying out a Show Up event, come to Taylor Park on Wednesday morning at 6:00. The workouts and trainers vary from one week to the next, but it is always a positive atmosphere and a fun community event!