On Wednesday, June 8th, Nate Yandow from Duke’s Fitness Center, led RiseVT’s Show Up event in Taylor Park. Nate led people through a fun, challenging workout. Nate took us on a tour around Taylor Park, incorporating all of the various monuments and features into the workout! It was a cardio, strength and history lesson all wrapped into one hour!

The group found themselves jogging over to a memorial to do a strength move, then running or marching with high knees to the next location. We used the steps at the gazebo to do incline, straight or decline pushups, ran our way over to the fountain and did walking planks along the edge and used the park benched for dips. Everyone was encouraged to move at their own pace and modify the moves as needed.


Nate has been involved in RiseVT since it was just an idea, 2 years ago. He is a strong proponent of helping people to live a healthy lifestyle and a fixture in the community as a resource and expert in the field.  Nate Yandow has been working professionally in the health industry since 2002. A former nutritionist with the Vermont Department of Health and a graduate of the University of Vermont, Nate holds degrees in Nutrition & Exercise Science with a Sports Nutrition concentration. Nate provides personal training and nutritional consultation services at Duke’s Fitness Center in St. Albans, Vermont.

During the workout Nate spoke about all of the amazing outdoor recreational opportunities that Franklin County offers. He said, “I’m a gym guy, but I like to do my gym work so that I can enjoy the outdoors even more.” When strength training is incorporated, your risk of injury is decreased significantly. It keeps you strong so that you can get out and enjoy all that our area has to offer.

Duke’s is a GOLD certified RiseVT business. If you would like to check out Duke’s and all that is offered, go to http://dukesfitnesscenter.com!