How often do you move each day? This blog talks about movement and how vital and fundamental it is to your routine each and every day. The concept of movement isn’t new to anyone under the sun; however knowledge isn’t everything when discussing movement. With the fitness revolution in full swing we tend to see people moving in many different and unique ways. Today we’ll be exploring some of the common routines performed by many, and look into some alternate ways for keeping basic muscular functionality.

Whether you’re at an office for most of your day or up and moving around there are still some aspects of movement that you may be missing out on. A common ‘fix’ for an individual working in an office type environment is tracking their movement or steps through various means. This method ensures that they’re at least taking regular breaks from their work station and holding themselves accountable for their daily goal. These are excellent tools for making sure you’re moving but even exercise can’t quite counterbalance being sedentary. The golden ticket lies within the long-term change of adding movement throughout your day.

Daily movement is an essential component for our general health and well-being as well as our life expectancy. We know more and more each year how bad a sedentary life is for us, and that’s why the discussion is becoming increasingly more important to have with businesses, schools and families. Sometimes you’ll just have to sit no matter what and during these occasions it is best move and avoid becoming stationary for a prolonged period of time. This very concept is important to remember for every day and every time you’re sitting!

Taking initiative with our individual health is the primary preventative method towards combating the side effects of being sedentary. There are many others factors on a daily basis that alter the state of our health, but our decisions are the largest factor. While today we’re focused on being sedentary please stay tuned for next week’s blog and we’ll talk about metabolism and what you can do to help you metabolic health!

Challenge: Between now and next Friday make sure you’re up and moving at least once per hour each and every day! While this may be ‘challenging’ it also makes us aware of our daily movement! Set alarms, ask a friend or family member to do it with you.