Three years ago, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Saint Albans City School as they embarked on a journey to improve the health and wellbeing of their students, staff and school.    As I sit here and write this today, I am absolutely amazed at everything they have accomplished.   Led by principal Joan Cavallo, City School has embraced healthy lifestyles and changed the culture of their school.  If you ask Joan how they have done this, her answer is simple: “Small steps.”   Every small step they took, led to another step, and another idea to make their school and environment healthier.

Nutritionally, Saint Albans City School has eliminated their Ala Carte, which is classically known in schools to carry chips, cookies and other high sugar snacks.   Each day, every student gets a fresh healthy snack that could include carrots, celery sticks and more.   As a school, they have committed to no longer using food as a fundraiser; this is just the tip of the ice berg…

In 2013, Saint Albans City School installed a walking path that looped around their entire back property.  Everyday you can see students walking around, talking and being physically active on the path.   They are a Gold School Partner in the Vermont Safe Routes to School Program and regularly hold walk to school days to promote and encourage kiddos to skip the bus and walk together.   The school is always looking to collaborate with community partners and to get their community involved.   Over the years The Vermont Department of Health-Saint Albans District Office, Safe Routes to School, Saint Albans City, Northwestern Medical Center, Saint Albans Police Department and countless more have all been involved in creating a culture of wellness at Saint Albans City School.

Saint Albans City School teaches their students every day to be stewards of themselves by taking pride in their health and those around them.

RiseVT had the honor of certifying Saint Albans City School and celebrating this success with them on Monday June 15th.  Every student, staff member, faculty member and more all cooperated together to show their school pride.   As an entire school, they walked around their walking path wearing RiseVT shirts until an air horn was blown and everyone flooded to the center of the field.   Above a flying drone caught everything as the students spelled out RiseVT.

Congratulations Saint Albans City School and thank you for your commitment to our future.