RiseVT is wrapping up another successful school year of working with local schools in Franklin and Grand Isle counties. RiseVT works with schools and directly with classroom teachers who want to incorporate healthier practices into their classrooms. As a result, both schools and classrooms can receive a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD status by the end of the school year. All of our scorecards are available online at www.risevt.com for you to check out.

To be a GOLD level school, a school must have both practices and policies that support all aspects of student wellness, including physical activity, health education, farm to school programming, healthy food practices, staff wellness participation, Safe Routes to Schools events, a functioning Wellness Committee and classroom participation in RiseVT.

GOLD level classrooms incorporate physical activity and healthy nutrition into the classroom all year. They go one step beyond, by creating policies around healthy foods in the classroom, encouraging physical activity and never withholding physical activity as a punishment. They also work with RiseVT staff to bring healthy educational opportunities into the classroom.

Silver level schools receive $500 in Wellness Rewards and Gold schools receive an additional $1000.

This year one school made it to GOLD: Maple Leaf Montessori!

The year’s SILVER schools are:

  • Alburgh Community Center
  • Folsom Educational and Community Center
  • Sheldon Elementary School

The GOLD classrooms are:

  • Alburgh Community Center:
    • Ms. Tefts – Pre-K
    • Ms. Dragoon – K
    • Ms. Dobson – 3rd
  • Folsom Educational and Community Center:
    • Ms. Bessette – 3rd
    • Ms. Couture – K
    • Ms. Myler – 1st
    • Ms. Degree – 2nd
  • Georgia Elementary and Middle School:
    • Ms. Sue Tougas – K
    • Ms. Linda Rowell – K
    • Ms. Erin Young – 3rd
    • Ms. Heather Sikorsky – 3rd
    • Ms. Stacey Sullivan – 3rd
  • Maple Leaf Montessori:
    • Ms. Carrie Clow – Pre-K/K
  • Sheldon Elementary School:
    • Ms. Farrar – K
    • Ms. Regan – K
    • Ms. Russell – 1st
    • Ms. Derry – 1st
    • Ms. Bourdeau – 5/6
  • Albans Town Educational Center:
    • Ms. Jennifer Callahan – K
  • Swanton Elementary School:
    • Ms. DiVice – 2nd
    • Ms. Ramseyer – 2nd
    • Ms. Mitchell – 6th

The SILVER classrooms are:

  • Alburgh Community Center:
    • Mr. Wolynec – 7th
    • Ms. LaBounty – 7th
  • BFA – Fairfax:
    • Ms. Jennifer Kalbfleisch – K
  • Folsom Educational and Community Center:
    • Miss Hoag – 4th
  • Georgia Elementary and Middle School:
    • Ms. Nan Mildrum – 7th

BRONZE Classrooms:

  • Alburgh Community Center:
    • Mr. Flax – 1 / 2
    • Mr. Herz – 4th
    • Ms. Belanger – 5th
    • Ms. LaBounty – 8th
  • Sheldon Elementary School:
    • Ms. Cioffi – 2nd
  • Albans City School:
    • Ms. Tess Bashaw – 4/5/6
  • Albans Town Educational Center:
    • Ms. Kate Pelkey – K

Would you like your school or classroom to be a part of RiseVT? Please reach out to our team at info@risevt.com.

Photo:Ms. Heather Sikorsky’s 3rd grade class at Georgia Elementary & Middle School celebrated Valentine’s Day with all healthy snacks. They made an effort to be healthy all year long. This is from their class:

“We sent information home about our healthy celebrations and work with Rise VT this year. These are pictures from our Valentine’s Day party. We opted for fruits, veggies, and popcorn. We had juice and water to drink. We also decided to forgo candy valentines and instead went with other options like pencils, small toys, and good old-fashioned handmade cards!”