Kickball Sign up


Play It Forward by joining us in a community-wide kickball game.

RiseVT invites community groups, schools, and local businesses to a game of kickball! It is not about winning or losing, this game is about play and getting your group together to spread some fun and PLAY throughout our community.

Get a team out on the field to play! All teams that play receive a RiseVT kickball to challenge other teams and spread the play across Grand Isle and Franklin counties. Teams are encouraged to challenge groups or organizations that they might not regularly interact with.

How it works!

Sign up today using this online form and receive a free kickball for you and your opponents.

Challenge another team to a game.  The team you challenge will then go out and challenge another team after your game and will be given a free kickball ball to play with and so on and so forth. Your team can challenge as many teams as you like.

All teams are to organize all aspects of the game/event including promoting and posting to social media. RiseVT will advertise the challenge in our events section of our website and Facebook pages once we receive the information 

Photos and/or video of the game are to be shared on RiseVT’s social media sites or emailed to

You need to assemble your own team.  It can be as few as 11 people up to as many as you can fit in the outfield.

Find a field near you and contact your local recreation department, town, or school to schedule it.

 Schedule your time and get out there to play!

Games must be free for the public to attend, however, a fundraiser for charity is never discouraged.

If food or beverage is to be provided, a healthy option must be available and plentiful (ie. Watermelon, water, fruit). NO ALCOHOL

RiseVT staff will attend if able to help ‘kick off’ the game, talk about the RiseVT campaign and talk about the importance of play!


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