Hello everyone!  My name is Dorey for those who don’t know me.   I have been the behind the scenes gal in RiseVT.   Recently, my husband and I decided to join a new group at Northwestern  Medical Center that promotes healthy lifestyle, eating and group accountability.   I’ve decided to blog about this 9 week journey, because…well IT’S HARD.

So here it goes.   I’m almost 30, a mother of 3 and I’ve always struggled with my  weight.  Luckily when I was in school, I was active all the time.  I loved sports and played all year round.  My weight never became a huge issue until…adulthood.  All of the sudden, that slice of pizza I had, would stay with me forever.

Over the last ten years, my weight has yo-yo-ed.   Up, down, down more, and up even more.   My closet has an array of sizes ranging from 8 to well let’s not go there.    🙂   It’s so easy to make a bad decision and in the fast paced world that we live in, quick junk food is much easier to grab.   Who’s with me on that?

So about a month ago, there was this chatter at work.   This new CHIP program that would be starting.   It’s group based, all about lifestyle changes and how to make it sustainable in your life.   I thought, hey I got nothing to lose and low and behold my husband wanted to join too.

The program is 9 weeks and is primarily a plant-based lifestyle that incorporates exercise and group discussion.   I will be blogging about my experience over the next 9 weeks, discussing my challenges, successes and failures.

This is part of my accountability to you and also to myself.   Stay tuned….