This blog will talk about the past, present and future with Rise Vermont’s collaboration with the Community College of Vermont (CCV), here in Saint Albans. CCV is a local campus that provides many different educational and career opportunities for our community. Our partnership began June of 2015 and has been rapidly growing from there. The staff at CCV has a contagiously positive outlook on health and wellness and makes it a priority each day.

Since Rise Vermont has begun working with CCV we’ve done two different health and wellness challenge with this organization. The first ‘friendly’ competition was a walking challenge which was an excellent way for everyone to comfortably challenge each other but also themselves. The second ‘challenge’ was an internal staff Olympics pitting themselves against each other in teams of two, but also keeping the reality of work life balance, stress reduction and joy to the forefront of the workday. Rise Vermont’s goal with health and wellness within different organization is to transfer the concepts of staying healthy into their regular work environment.

Yesterday we had another meeting with CCV to discuss a whole year of tabling at this campus. Where our Health Coach Brian Clukey would come in once a month with a local community partner to be asset and a voice for our organizations and what we represent within the community. We’ve highlighted high traffic times so we can engage a larger portion of the student body and when applicable provide a necessary community resource that they may have not known of. This type of outreach is part of our continued process to network our community together into one unified system.

Our continued presence at this campus will end up changing the outlook and environment for the student population to make the healthiest choice the easiest choice. If you’d like to learn more about Rise Vermont and how you can become a part of a growing movement towards a healthier community check out our website at

Reminder: The community college of Vermont has two excellent opportunities that you may not have known of! The first being if you’re 65 years or older you can take a course for free, and if you or someone you know is in high school they can take two free courses preparing them for college. Visit to learn more about these excellent opportunities!