What is Vermont Adult Learning? It’s an opportunity for adults ages 16 years and older to receive their GED through personalized programs. The students work one on one with their teachers to design an educational program tailored towards the student. This blog will talk about the continued collaboration that Rise Vermont has with Vermont Adult Learning (VAL). This begins with Rise Vermont’s continued curiosity about reaching further into the community.

Rise Vermont’s goal is to evaluate our first semester with the classroom and see in what ways we can improve. We had an initial meeting with one of the instructors to talk about the different ways we can make a positive impact on the students of VAL. We then devised that it would work best if we came into the classroom every other week for approximately an hour to assist the teacher in any way that we can. We decided that Goals, Physical Activity, Nutrition & Tobacco were all valuable topics to cover over the duration of this course.

The first week the Rise Vermont Health Coach attended and spoke to the students about S.M.A.R.T. goals, what they mean and why they’re important for all facets of health & wellness. Our second visit to the classroom was a fun interactive game of Jeopardy focused on Physical Activity and Nutrition. This was an excellent way for us to communicate some of the basic principles of physical activity and nutrition to the students and why and how it’s important for everyday life. For the third one of our Health Advocates (Jessica Frost) will be going into the classroom to teach yoga, and go over the importance of relaxation, mindfulness and relieving stress. These strategies create an engaging, thoughtful and meaningful discussion with the students, thereby having a positive impact.

This is one of our collaborations among many others Rise Vermont has aimed towards bringing Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco to the forefront of our daily choices. If you’d like to learn more about Rise Vermont and how we can collaborate with your establishment please check out our website www.risevt.com to find out how we’re making our community embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Challenge: Take 5 minutes, 5 minutes and think about how those three factors (Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco) influence you on a daily basis. If you’re thinking about changing your behavior around one of these don’t forget Rise Vermont has a Health Coach available 24/7 – healthcoach@risevt.com