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Raise Your Hand and Support School Wellness Policies!

The fact is, healthy, active students learn better, perform better academically and experience fewer behavioral problems. That means higher test scores and better grades. Needless to say, schools play a critical role in building overall wellness. This is where School Wellness Policies can help to ensure that kids are receiving and learning healthy eating and physical activity habits that can last a lifetime. Schools should be places that support the health and wellness of all children – no matter where they live, what school they attend, or what grade they are in. But in too many school districts, Wellness Policies remain fragmented, underdeveloped and lack sufficient implementation plans. Together, with members of our community and school administrators, we can create a school environment that promotes students’ health, well-being, and ability to learn. Raise Your Hand. Here’s why we are so passionate about ensuring that robust school Wellness Policies are not only created, but also effectively implemented, and why you should be too!

  • Most children spend the majority of their waking hours and eat up to half their daily calories at school.
  • With more than 50% of students in the United States qualifying for free and reduced lunch, lunch is often the most nutritious meal of the child’s day.
  • More than one in three children is at increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer later in life.
  • The majority of public school students are exposed to food and beverage marketing in school. The most heavily marketed food and beverages in schools are unhealthy, including candy, snack food, fast food, and sugary drinks.
  • Ultimately, when children receive proper nutrition and get more time for physical education, they do better physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s good for everyone – kids, schools, local communities, and our country.

So, what can you do to help effectively implement a Wellness Policy in your school district? Tell decision-makers in your community to implement a wellness policy that is customized to suit your community’s unique needs, and make sure your neighbors and friends raise their hands to support this issue too. Go to www.risevt.org to find out more!

Facts from the American Heart Association

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