Peoples Trust was the first business that RiseVT worked with back when we launched, in June 2015. Just over one year later, and the company is still proactive in the wellness of its employees. Led by Stacy Cauller, the Human Resources Manager, they are always coming up with new ways to engage employees and are a shining example of what it means to promote wellness within the workplace and the greater community.

At the workplace, some of the benefits that they provide to employees are:

  • Including healthy items at celebrations and luncheons
  • Being a Breastfeeding Friendly Employer
  • Offering stress management classes
  • Offering a $75 re-imbursement for employees towards wellness gear or activities
  • Providing space for exercise on site
  • Organizing health challenges in the workplace – the most recent being “Reduce Your Assets”
  • Offering flu immunization clinics for staff
  • A tobacco free worksite
  • Wellness activities are encouraged at staff meetings. Senior management can often be found stretching or standing during meetings. One branch manager initiated stretching breaks throughout the day at her branch.

In the community, you will always find People’s Trust staff volunteering at local events and lending time to such organizations as the Champlain Housing Trust, Habitat for Humanity, Martha’s Kitchen, Preservation Trust of Vermont, and Vermont Community Development Association.

This year, Peoples Trust will be collaborating more with NMC and RiseVT to offer biometric screenings for staff, as well as health coaching. Cauller shared that they are exploring other wellness opportunities for the coming year, such as on-site massages for employees and possible yoga.

RiseVT looks forward to supporting Peoples Trust as it continues to build wellness within the business and beyond the bank’s walls.