2016 is almost here. What are your plans? Do you want to make a change? This blog will focus on keeping those changes that you want to make. A New Year’s resolution is about committing yourself to change in one way or another with the coming year. It’s an annual self-assessment that allows us to evaluate where we are with our current goals or habits. How can you stay committed to your New Year’s resolution this year?

Having a New Year’s resolution is great, however many of us tend to create a number of goals that’re easy to write down but not so realistic. In order for your new goals to match up with the New Year it’s a good idea to create your resolutions as if you were going to start them tomorrow. This is a more practical approach that gives you a better idea of what your goals look like under your current schedule. Many times a resolution can become lost only because they weren’t planned for properly.

How do I create a solid plan to tackle my New Year’s resolution? You’ll need to ask yourself questions based on your resolution. Will it fit in my schedule? Will I have support? Can I financially commit? Will my resolution evolve as the year goes on? Is it a realistic resolution that I’m trying to reach, or do I need to start smaller? Is there any way I can measure my progress with my resolution? Not all of these questions will apply to every resolution, but knowing ahead of time the obstacle you’ll face will make your resolution that much more achievable.

Rise Vermont challenges you to come up with 1 resolution for the New Year. We want you to ask yourself some of these questions. How did the questions change your resolution? We’d love to hear about your all your resolutions on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/risevt