Devin Quinlan and sons Jack and Steve with Wildlife Volunteer feeling a snake skin they found while exploring.

Take a walk in the refuge where you will hear the sounds of the wild, weather it is a bird, a crane, or cricket it is a peaceful well maintained free destination right in our backyard.  Visit the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge this fall to find tranquility. The newly built Refuge building is open weekdays from 8am – 4pm with many hands on activities, children of all ages are welcomed.  The trail system is vast, and Refuge staff is always happy to help pick a trail best suited for you and your family. The Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1943, in order to provide a habitat for migratory birds at the time and has evolved into much more. The refuge totals 6,729 acres of mostly wetland habitats, which support many different forms of wildlife.

If you have the opportunity to visit this local gem keep your eyes on the sky as there are more than 300 nests present. Everything from bald eagle, osprey and great blue heron nest here. Other things to know before you head to the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge. It’s free to enter, walk around and explore 6,729 acres. Note that the The Refuge has hunting activity so some trails may be closed during this time of year, and plan to dress in bright colors. Dogs are allowed, however they must be on a lease at al times. Trails are open 356 days of the year from dawn to dusk.

Visitor center is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location 29 Tabor Rd. Swanton, VT 05488


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