RiseVT’s Small Business Umbrella just wrapped up the “Mile A Day Challenge” for its members. For four weeks, members had to log one mile for six days each week. A “Mile” could be walking, or one of the many equivalent activities that RiseVT provided. Ultimately, there were eight member businesses participating:

  • Rail City Market
  • Duke’s Fitness Center
  • Champlain Valley Area Health Education Center (CVAHEC)
  • Albans Free Library
  • The Samaritan House
  • Re/Max Destinations
  • Franklin County Caring Communities
  • Choice Physical Therapy

The eight businesses had 37 individuals logging their miles, resulting in a total of 2302 miles covered!

RiseVT provided weekly giveaways to participants, as well as grand prizes for both the person with the most miles logged, and a random drawing out of anyone who averaged six miles per week. The two winners were Nate Yandow from Duke’s Fitness and Steve LaRosa from The St. Albans Free Library. CVAHEC won the team division and will be receiving a prize of their choice that they can use to bolster their worksite wellness for staff.

One mile a day is a great place to start for a health challenge. To complete it, it takes less than 20 minutes, so you can fit it into a busy day. It is an attainable amount and it is difficult to make an excuse to not do it. The idea is that once you get going, sometimes you surprise yourself and go a little further.

Are you interested in bringing a challenge such as this into your workplace? Reach out to RiseVT and we are happy to provide templates and possible technical assistance to help your employees walk their way into wellness. Workplace challenges not only help to keep employees healthy, but also build community and an opportunity for some healthy competition.

RiseVT realizes that Franklin and Grand Isle counties have many businesses that are smaller and may not have the resources or the staff to build a wellness program. So, for businesses with less than 20 employees, we have developed a Small Business Umbrella group. We meet quarterly and are still welcoming new members. Let us know if you want to join this group and bring wellness to your small business!