RiseVT launches campaign to promote leisure-time movement

Twenty-severn percent of area residents do not engage in physical activity during their leisure time, according to a 2015 Behavior Risk Factor Survey, even though being active is as important for adults as it for kids.

RiseVT is launching an active play campaign intended to get more Franklin and Grand Isle residents up on their feet.

Participants will be able to follow along with RiseVT on social media channels and learn about community events that get whole families involved in play. Anyone who gets “playful” during the campaign can use the #RiseVTActivePlay hashtag on their own social media posts showing off the fun.

“We know that movement and interaction improves not only physical wellbeing but also emotional health,” said RiseVT Project Manager Denise Smith. “Being more connected now than ever before to technology, we are seeing increasing rates of childhood obesity in our community and by creating an active play campaign we believe that this will improve the lives of children and adults across Franklin and Grand Isle County”

Active Play is physical activity one performs for enjoyment or recreation such as building a snowman, ice skating, dancing or playing tag with kids.

Stay tuned for more information about Active Play and how you can get involved on our website.