Congratulations to Shelby Lang and Trey Poquette, both 8th graders at St. Albans Town Educational Center (SATEC). Both students had first place finishes at the Vermont State Middle School Fitness Competition held at Norwich University. The competition was sponsored by the Vermont Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (VTAHPERD).

Schools from all over Vermont sent teams of students in grades 5 through 8 to participate. All competitors had to complete a 1 mile timed run, the back-saver sit and reach, cadence-based curl-ups (sit-ups) and cadence-based push-ups. The events incorporate speed, endurance, strength and flexibility, all components of a well rounded athlete. Trey currently holds the sit-up record for both SATEC and the State at 913 repetitions, as well as the push up record of 141 reps, both of which he set last year in 2014. Shelby also holds State and SATEC records for the push ups, maxing out at 62 this year, breaking her own record from last year.

Both Shelby and Trey participate in a wide array of sports all year long. Trey plays soccer, runs cross county, trains and competes with the swim team and spends much of winter skiing with his friends and family. He hopes to continue playing sports at BFA-St. Albans next year as a part of the soccer, track and ski teams. Shelby is equally active, spending her year playing soccer, running cross country, competing on the lacrosse team and swimming year round. She is looking forward to being a part of BFA’s athletics on the soccer, lacrosse and Nordic ski teams.

One common trait between these two students is their love of sports and the wide variety that they play. In a time where sports specialization at a young age has become a trend, the American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Children involved in sports should be encouraged to participate in a variety of different activities and develop a wide range of skills.” Diversity has certainly paid off for these two young athletes.

Below is a complete list of all of the student athletes in Franklin and Grand Isle counties who represented their schools at the competition.



1 Shelby Lang St. Albans Town Educational Center (SATEC)

3 Chloe Rouleau St. Albans City Schools (SACS)

10 Elizabeth Hill SATEC

16 Lily Hebert SATEC

26 Meghan Connor SATEC

33 Carolyn Perry SATEC

35 Kiarah Anderson SACS

36 Genevieve Prefontaine Alburgh

43 Maddie Hungerford SATEC

50 Jordan Spence SACS

51 Maya Perrault SACS

58 Alyssa Florio SACS

60 MaryRose Newhall Alburgh

62 Hailey Savage SACS

63 Peyton Curtis Alburgh

71 Lilly Bovat Alburgh

78 Kristin Hatin Alburgh

79 Madison Savage Alburgh


7/8 Boys

1 Trey Poquette SATEC

6 Robert Gamache SACS

8 Ian Craib SACS

12 Tyler Laroche SATEC

16 Mac Kennedy SATEC

28 Jason Anderson SACS

34 Landon Potvin Alburgh

44 Clark Kennedy SATEC

45 Andoni Pachanco SACS

53 Matthew Konrad SATEC

53 Karson Fortin SACS

60 Ethan Creller Alburgh

66 Carter Commo Alburgh

70 Gage Root Alburgh

71 John Melchiorri Alburgh

71 Nick Voyer SATEC

76 Jacob Benware SACS


5/6 Girls

6 CC Deslauries SATEC

8 Ava Pinette SATEC

11 Lilly Laughlin SATEC

11 Emilia Montagne SATEC

13 Macayla Langlois Alburgh

18 Kaci Webb Alburgh

20 Ellie Prairie Alburgh

24 Alyssa Thomas SATEC

33 Hannah Waters Alburgh

41 Zoe Bunberry SATEC

42 Sophie Zemaniek SACS

44 Yukina Benjamin SACS

48 Ashleigh Jones SACS

73 Kianna Larose SACS

78 Becky Mills Alburgh

84 Hanna Lianne SACS

91 Hailey Labombard Alburgh


5/6 Boys

13 Richard Cady SATEC

14 Peter Jolley SACS

23 Matt Gonyeau SACS

24 Zachary Smith SACS

27 Jacob Law SATEC

28 Jake Nelson SATEC

32 Jake Reynolds SATEC

35 Calvin Storms SATEC

40 Owen Benoit SATEC

40 Mason Dutkiewicz SACS

45 Joleeo Lillquist SACS

55 Collin Jolley SACS

68 Brandon Jordan Alburgh

73 Matt Curtis Alburgh

78 Shane Smith Alburgh

84 Jordan Sylvestre Alburgh

93 Cole Boutah Alburgh

94 Tim Sweeney Alburgh