It’s February!  Get outside and MOVE!  It can feel darker and colder than many of the months we celebrate in Vermont and we often rise in the dark and come home from work long after the sun has set.  However, there are lots of opportunities now that the temperatures have been staying below freezing and the snow has fallen.  There are great indoor and outdoor opportunities, sometimes just down the road in a neighbors back yard.

Here is a list of some simple and fun ways to get 30 minutes of exercise in that can be fun, easy, and creates community.

Public Skating is available during the week and on week-ends at the Highgate Skating Arena and the Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Complex.  This is an easy way to have some fun with friends and family, move your body and meet new people.

In addition to the indoor public skating option The Alburgh Recreation Department and volunteers have built an ice rink in the village open to all from 10am to 9pm, weather permitting.

Another way to have fun in February is to ski.  Downhill and/or cross country is a great way to move your body and do something outdoors for your heart.  Cross country skiing can be done just about anywhere there is an open field with snow.  If you don’t have a lot of time, going to a local golf course

Why would ice skating be good for your health, it’s less resistance than walking. Ice skating uses balance to make sure you don’t fall down. In using balance, it makes all of your muscles in your core and your legs work to help keep you upright. While this is good for your physical health, ice skating is also good for your social and emotional health too. Having friends or family participating with you can be a great way to destress from the day or even the week.

How would I even fit this into my schedule? It doesn’t have to be an ice skating rink for you to skate either. It could be a local body of water that is properly frozen. Plan in advance; make sure to have it on your calendar, which will hold you accountable. If you have a homemade ice rink that you’re comfortable opening up to the local community, let RiseVT know and we can spread the word.