Lisa Durocher, fitness enthusiast and boot camp extraordinaire showed up ready to inspire and motivate during our RiseVT ShowUp’s in the middle of July.   Ready to take on the challenge, the Fairfax community decided to host it’s very first RiseVT Showup at the BFA-Fairfax School Playground.   It was a beautiful morning as Moretti and Dorey arrived to the event. As we waited impatiently for people to arrive, we prepared the event with swag and prizes for the participants.   When we looked up, the parking lot was packed and over 23 people were ready to start their day by exercising as a community.   Lisa got the group rolling with a quick warm up walk/jog around the school campus and when the group returned they headed into the field for some group based fitness activities including relay races and circuit trainings.   Lisa’s enthusiasm spread through the entire group and everyone kept working hard together through her inspiring words of confidence and support.   A lot of fun was had and the next Fairfax Show Up event is in the works.   We will let you know as soon as the date is determined.

Lisa woke up early to lead our Saint Albans Crew in Taylor Park the next morning! Saint Albans must have been excited because 40 people showed up, our highest participants ever!

You can check out more about Lisa’s classes that she offers on her website at:

We hope that you show up with us in Taylor Park every Wednesday morning at 6:00 AM in Saint Albans. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at