Kickball Rules

Kickball Rules as dictated by RiseVT’s Moretti

Find a field to play on. It can be a real-live baseball field or a big open lawn. If you need bases, you can use t-shirts or plates, but don’t use your Memere’s tea towels! You will be grounded for a whole week.

You can use any ball, but a bouncy playground ball (like the RiseVT ball) is best.

Pick your teams. There should be two equal teams with at least eight – ten people. Try to pick the kid who always gets picked last early, it will feel good for both of you. You can have twenty or a hundred people, but everyone gets to be part of the game no matter how good they are. If someone doesn’t want to play they have to be a cheerleader or scorekeeper (pom-poms optional). Funny team names are good. Like “re-kickulous” or “One Kick Wonders.”

How to play. The pitcher rolls the ball like a bowling ball toward home plate. It should not be too fast or really bouncy. If it is too bouncy it is a ball (well, we know it’s a ball, but it is called “a ball”). If it is too far away from home plate, it is called a ball, too. Four balls makes you walk to the base.

The kicker kicks the ball from behind home plate. Everyone can start running after the kicker kicks the ball. Runners have to run in the baseline, and have to run the bases in order. If you’re playing in the field and are standing on the base to tag a runner out, stand to the side so you don’t get run over. Standing in a runner’s way is not OK, ever.

People on the bases have to stay on the base until a ball is kicked, no sneaky stealing. That makes you out. If I kick a ball and you catch it before it bounces, then I am out. If it lands outside first or third base, that is a foul. Four fouls makes you out. 

If I try to kick the ball and I miss it, it is kind of funny but laughing might hurt my feelings. I’ll already feel bad because it is a “strike.” Three strikes equals an “out”. If my team gets three outs, then we stop kicking and have to go out in the field and play. When both teams have their turn to kick and run, that is called an inning. Games can be anywhere from four to six innings, you decide.

When the ball is kicked, everyone runs until they get tagged with the ball (which makes them out), they cross home plate (which gives them a point), or the pitcher has the ball again. Then everyone stops running bases and the next kicker kicks. If you try to tag someone with the ball and you hit them in the head, you have to say “I’m sorry” and mean it, not just say “my bad” because that doesn’t mean you are sorry. The runner gets to go to the base, too, if they are OK.

The game is over when all the innings are done, the ball pops, or the ball is lost by kicking the ball into the street or onto the roof.  At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.  However, if a team loses the ball by kicking it on the roof etc., that team automatically loses.  Also, the kid that did it becomes instantly unpopular.

Everybody should say good game and smile and shake hands even if you are not happy you lost. People who got lots of runs should not show off and be snooty.

Tie games can be decided by extra innings, rock/paper/scissor, vegetable showdown, or dance-off.


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