Have you been to a Rise Vermont Show Up event this year? This blog is going to talk about our most recent show up event with special quest Jan Sweet. Jan is a local Zumba instructor who has been teaching and practicing Zumba for many years. Her passion for Zumba truly shines through when she’s teaching a class! She has been a reliant, helpful and resourceful member of her community.

Jan Sweet has been a licensed Zumba instructor B1 since 2010. Jan has a wide variety of classes that she can offer such as: Zumba core, Zumba glutes and Zumba step. These classes will all challenge the body in different ways while still achieving a total body workout. She teaches these classes throughout Franklin County and in her ‘spare’ time she also works at High Elementary School. She began there in 2002 and is a behavior interventionist. Her passion for teaching and instructing has always been a part of Jan’s life and will continue to be in the future.

Wednesday morning when she taught the Rise Vermont show up event we had 42 people in attendance at 6am! The energy was very contagious and alive that morning as everyone was enjoying themselves. So, you may be thinking ‘how can I attend one of these fantastic classes?’, her current Zumba schedule is listed below:

Highgate Elementary School // 630PM // Tuesday

Enosburgh Opera House // 630PM // Wednesday

Highgate Elementary School // 630PM // Sunday

New Beginnings Fitness (Swanton) // 9AM

All Classes Are $5.00

We’re continuously searching for fitness and health professional members of the community to come in as a guest instructor to these classes. If you have a passion for fitness // exercise or physical activity please feel free to contact us and you may have a chance to teach the next Rise Vermont Show Up event!