Teachers at Highgate School, Amber Renaudette and Lynne Hansen have been working on the RiseVT classroom scorecard with six second graders ,completing  Bronze level classroom scorecard the students have been  incorporating Brain Breaks and physical activity into their day.

They have been incorporating daily brain breaks at the end of each sessions and doing “Fitness Fridays” with their kids. on Fridays they let the kids use pedometers to track their steps around the school. ” we walked 2.5 miles today and their students averaged about 2,000 steps.”

Amber and Lynne rewarded their six students with a Sugary Sweeten Beverage activity with RISEVT Health Advocate Betsy Fournier.  Kids quotes..

“Best Day Ever”  “I’m never drinking soda again”   What is a healthy choice to drink? “WATER or MILK”