Less than two months ago, RiseVT began its journey on improving the health and wellness of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties and boy have we started to “rise!”.   One of the components of this initiative is to work with non-profit organizations and bring wellness right to their employees in their workplace.

Led by health coach, Brian Clukey, RiseVT provides on-site biometric screenings, which include cholesterol and blood pressure checks, blood glucose and more.   In addition, Brian comes back once per month to offer onsite health coaching.     Here are a few snapshots of our collaborations so far:

Swanton Village

Swanton Village was the first non-profit to sign on with RiseVT Health Coaching.   They began in late May and as an organization they have lost over 37.4 pounds!   Reg Believieu, Swanton Village Manager, could not be more please with the results.   Health coaching is just the tip of the iceberg for the Village employees.   This past year they have started a free fruit day, planted their own garden and offered incentives such as discounted gym memberships and fit bits.   Congratulations Swanton on a job well done!


Community College of Vermont: Saint Albans

CCV of Saint Albans has made a commitment to their wellness and their students.   As an organization they signed up for RiseVT as soon as they heard about it.   But they didn’t stop at health coaching.   Employees participated in a month long “steps” challenge, where they tracked the number of steps with a pedometer. Their goal was to reach 10,000 steps EACH day and as an organization they walked 1,016.2 total miles (2,146,164 steps)! CCV employees have also been utilizing the RiseVT Healthy Now App to help them achieve their fitness goals.   In fact, one employee states she uses the app every day and loves how it helps her stay on track.   Great job CCV!

Northwest Access Television

Our newest addition to our Health Coaching collaboration is Northwest Access Television.   A smaller organization like Northwest Access Television may not have the resources or means to dedicate to health and wellness activities to their employees.   This is where RiseVT steps in and why we are committed to working with our local non-profits in the area.   Northwest Access TV has taken their first step and we look forward to our collaboration with them to raise the wellness of their employees.   Stay tuned…

Are you interested in learning more about how your business can work with RiseVT? Email us at info@risevt.com   We would love to hear from you.