Written By; Danielle Pothier, MS, RD, CHWC, Wellness Specialist Northwestern Lifestyle Medicine
and Johanna Setta, Food Access Coordinator, Healthy Roots Collaborative

Fall is fast approaching, which means apple season is right around the corner. Apple picking is a great activity for all ages. It’s a way to get some fresh air, exercise and explore all an orchard has to offer – from learning how an apple grows, to discovering and appreciating nature’s beauty as leaves take transformation from vivid green to radiant yellows and reds.

With so many flavors and colors of apples, it’s not hard to find at least one variety that you like.

Colors range from ruby red to pale yellow to bright green. Textures can vary too from being soft and mealy or crisp and crunchy.

Vermont orchards grow more than 150 varieties of apples.

Did you know that each year Vermont growers produce around 1,000,000 bushels (or about 40 million pounds) of apples?
 Even with all the varieties, nutrition content only changes slightly and mainly depends on the size of the apple. In general, one medium (3 inch diameter) apple contains:

  •  Nearly 20 percent of the recommended amount of fiber. The majority of fiber is soluble fiber, which is known for its
    cholesterol-lowering benefits.
  • 10 percent of the Daily Value for Vitamin C which is necessary for growth and tissue repair and maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Variety of phytochemicals (found in the peel) which studies indicate may play a key role in reducing chronic disease risk.

Apples give off ethylene gas, so it’s best to store them separate from other fruit, so they don’t ripen the rest of your food too fast. The crisper drawer in your refrigerator is a good option for storage. If you have a larger quantity, the cellar or the garage could be an alternative option.

Apple picking is a kid-friendly activity for families, a great way to spend the day outside. These are some of the orchards that have pick-your-own apples:

Allenholm Farm
111 South Street South Hero, VT 05486
Allenholm Farm
Hackett’s Orchard
86 South Street South Hero, VT 05486
Hacketts Orchard
Hall’s Orchard
4461 Main St Isle La Motte, VT 05463
Hall Home Place - logo
Northcourt Orchard
499 Kendall Road Franklin, VT 05457
Sadie’s Apple Orchard
5775 Georgia Shore Road Georgia, VT 05478
West Swanton Orchard
752 North River St. Swanton, VT 05488