We want to introduce you to us! Today we will be highlighting Betsy, one of our RiseVT Advocates.

What is your favorite aspect of RiseVT?

My favorite aspect of RiseVT is the the connections made  between community, individuals, and families.   It’s great working together to make our communities a place where we can live, work and play.  Our work is abotu building vibrant communities that will continue to thrive…how can you not love that!

What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it prepared?

My favorite vegetable is asparagus  and I love it grilled ( in the summer I wrap it in bacon so good…shhh ) Click Here to check out a recipe!

What do you like to do for recreation?

I enjoy walking through my community or on our  recreation trails.  It’s great meeting and talking with local community members, family and friends.

How do you overcome barriers you may face when trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle?  

Barriers can be positive outcomes waiting to happen! I’ve learn in community health work you must be patient: Growth and change is a process that you never give up on but in the end the outcome is always a worth waiting for, even if it take 5 years .