Moretti is our School Wellness Specialist and works to increase health and wellness in our school communities.   He has been a part of RiseVT since January!  Get to know him by reading a little bit about him below.   We love him and we know you will too!


What is your favorite aspect of RiseVT?

I love that our work feels like play, and we get to have these super-fun “ah-ha!” moments with people when they see how simple- and enjoyable- a good choice is. It has been inspiring to look across the county to see the impact RiseVT has made so far.

What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it prepared?

Our fridge always has broccoli and red pepper in it. And garlic- LOTS of garlic. We eat a quick stir-fry in a wrap many times each week. This recipe is similar to what we make-though we use wheat wraps and skip the rice.

What do you like to do for recreation?

My son and I are very active- we bike, run, kayak, cardio kickbox, snowboard and snowshoe. I garden like mad- I don’t necessarily garden well… I just love being wrist-deep in dirt and out in the sun! We eat food that I grow all year long. We also have animals on our land, so taking care of them is a mix of recreation and work.

How do you overcome barriers you may face when trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle?  

Time is my biggest obstacle. How do you fit in so many fun things that you want to do while also doing everything you need to do as a (mostly) responsible parent? I try to strike a balance between play and work/chores- and I try to make the work feel like play.


Want to learn more about Moretti’s work in schools: email and we can tell you more! 🙂