This past year RiseVT started working with Enosburgh Community Recreation towards  increasing healthy recreation for its residents and we wanted to share some of what they are up to.

Enosburgh is a great community for health and wellness.  In the village center there is a grocery store, a natural food market, coffee shop, a flower shops and more.  There are also some beautiful parks – Lincoln Park, Maple Park, the Bridge of Flowers and Lights and Island View Park.  For walking the town couldn’t be better!  The sidewalks are nice and there is also a mowed walking trail along the River called Brownway trail.

Much of the work Enosburgh Community Recreation and Rise have done over this past year has been around amplifying the resources that already exist.  For example, did you know there are over four fitness classes in town including Zumba, Pilates, Bootcamp, and Yoga?  Sometimes it is hard to find these classes in Franklin County, so Enosburgh Rec. is promoting the classes and adding them to their websites calendar.

Enosburgh Recreation also offers gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and it hopes to begin nature programs soon.

This summer is starting off great for Enosburgh with the start of a community garden!  The Lion’s Club and Enosburgh Rec have joined forces and they expect to have several plots available to the community by Memorial Day.  This spring, Mary Tryhorne (Rise Health Advocate and Director of Recreation) visited the local playgroup to have the kids plant the first seeds – Sunflowers!

If you’d like to get a sampling of the variety of exercise classes available then come on down to the park this summer for free fitness classes!  There is also Yoga in the Park every Monday night starting June 13.

One of the best parts of being a Rise Vermonter is meeting new people who are passionate about health, wellness and just plain old good living.  We’d love to hear what great things your town is up to this year.

To learn more or to share your input about what you’d like to see for recreation in Enosburgh go  to these Facebook pages –

 Enosburgh Community Recreation Committee 

 Enosburgh Community Garden

Yoga in the Park