What Happened?
Have you ever tried a fitness program and seen results? Then out of nowhere that progress goes away, and old habits return? This blog will look at new health programs for all variety of goals, and why we see short-term results.
If this has happened to you, don’t worry…for many, this is the case when it comes to physical activity and exercise. It’s important that we learn why this happened, and what can be done to help permanently create a lifestyle change. The steps required to adopt a health habit will take time, and it’s important to remember that small changes can make a huge impact.

Why is creating a habit so difficult? For many people their day to day lives are shaped around routines. In order to add to or change these routines a person has to look at their day/week/month and plan ahead. Healthy changes will not happen overnight and take practice, planning and preparedness to accomplish. Typically habits that people try to change are going to the gym, eating healthy, going for a walk or just moving throughout the day.

The first step to adding or changing your daily routine is to set aside specific time and days that you’ll commit to this change. I recommend actually writing it on your calendar, making a meeting in our outlook, or a reminder on your phone. These small reminders can help you stay on track towards your goals.
This week I challenge you to think about one health activity you would like to add to your daily routine. Make it simple. For example, you may want to add a stretch break at least once per day or at noon, get up and go for a fifteen minute walk. If you are up for it, schedule it into your day and try it out. Stay tuned to my next post which will be about how to overcome your barriers and find out what motivates you to make a health change.