The City of St. Albans is a GOLD level municipality! You are probably wondering what makes a city or town gold. They have implemented policies to ensure the health of it’s citizens and visitors alike. Some of the highlights include:

  • There are no vending machines in any location controlled by the City.
  • The buildings are not only Tobacco Free, but so are the parks.
  • They have strategies for crime prevention and safety for outdoor activities and recreation.
  • There is a massive network of sidewalks, which are being improved this summer.
  • There are community gardens accessible at City School for the public to grow fresh food.
  • There is an active Farmer’s Market.
  • The Recreation Department has activities for all ages, all year round.
  • They have deemed their parks, “Breastfeeding Friendly” and have hung up signage to support mothers.

Working with municipalities’ is key to creating a healthy community. For individuals to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they must be supported in ALL areas of their life. It is essential for people to be able to safely walk from their homes. It is crucial to be able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables conveniently within your town. It is important to have parks that the public can easily access.  It is also essential for people to be able to go to their local park and know that they and their children will not be exposed to second hand smoke.

This is why RiseVT works with individuals, schools, businesses and municipalities. We hope to wrap health around individuals so that they know wherever they go, they don’t have to think about what is healthy, or to have to make a choice to be healthy. The environment in which they exist makes it easy to be healthy.

The City of St. Albans has been incredibly proactive and progressive in its efforts to make the City the best that it can be. You can see the evidence as you travel through the downtown. It is beautiful and revitalized. It is thrilling that these positive changes are creating a more walkable city. These changes are also going beyond cosmetic. It is a mindset that embraces positive change and works for a better community for all.