The Community College of Vermont, St Albans, is truly a healthy place to work. In fact, if you find yourself on Main Street during lunch time, you may come across one of the staff members wearing sneakers and fitting in some daily exercise. CCV was one of early adapters to RiseVT. They were one of the first businesses to be certified and to utilize the FREE health coaching that RiseVT offers to businesses with less than 50 employees.

So what are they doing?

  • Promoting tobacco free education by providing resources to staff and students who may be interested in cessation.
  • Bronze level Breastfeeding Friendly Employer
  • Participation in a program called 3×30, which encourages exercise for 30 minutes, three times per week, on paid time.
  • Space and exercise videos onsite, to allow employees to exercise indoors.
  • Health challenges, organized by RiseVT’s Health Coach, Brian Clukey, to encourage employees’ participation in exercise.
  • One biometric screening and monthly health coaching sessions with Brian.
  • Smoke free staff and one smoke free day each month on campus for students and visitors.

I had the opportunity to check in with Candace Lewis, Coordinator of Academic Services at CCV, and ask the following questions:

Why is employee health important to CCV?

“We recognize the employee health contributes significantly to the overall satisfaction, productivity, and morale of our team. Our mission at CCV is to provide educational access to our community and promote student success. There are times during the year where our work days get fairly long and we realize that attention to our staff well-being is essential to sustain our efforts and our sense of humor!”

How has RiseVT played a part in CCV’s workplace wellness?

“Being involved with RiseVT has helped us to make better use of our established workplace wellness program. We have been able to set individual goals and participate in team activities which have strengthened our working relationships as well as our wellness activities. We have received excellent support from Brian and feel like he is a member of our team!”

What is the most used or favorite piece of your wellness program?

“CCV has a program called 30×3, which allows each staff member to use 30 minutes of work time 3 times a week for physical activity. We usually head out as a small group for a power walk around the city.”