Alburgh Community Education Center has been participating in a Walking Challenge since May 2nd: the goal was to “walk” to Rio de Janeiro for the summer Olympics. A mere 14,660,000 steps.
Easy peasy!

Everybody received a pedometer and tracked their daily steps while at school (field trips and after school sports didn’t count- ouch!). There were pedometer games that included math skills, and other activities to get everyone’s steps up.

Prizes were handed out randomly and when benchmarks were reached. Everywhere I went in the school, students wanted to show me how many steps they had taken that day, see if they took more than I had, tell me about the walking they had done or what activity they participated in that increased their steps. One fourth grader swears that his pants are loose because of all of the walking he has done!

Students made a beautiful map to track the trip, so at any point we knew where in the world the school was- you know, since it was no longer in Alburgh. They also spent weeks painting flags of the world to adorn the gym in time for the all-school Olympics.

As of June 7th, the school officially reached Rio!!!! RiseVT partnered with Bike Recycle Vermont and Rock the Bike to award the school two smoothie bikes of their very own. The school can use them at celebrations and plans to use them weekly for smoothies at breakfast.

Ms. Dobson’s 3rd grade class won the award for most steps logged: 1,535,354! Can you even imagine?? That is about 768 miles. They got to break in the brand new bikes and celebrate with yummy smoothies.

Congratulations Alburgh School!