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Schools play a critical role in helping kids learn and practice healthy nutrition and physical activity habits. Creating a healthy school environment is important for improving children’s overall health. Parents and community members must be active partners in helping schools establish and cultivate healthy nutrition and physical activity habits.

Schools should actively partner with parents, teachers, and other community members to develop or update their School Wellness Policies to ensure kids are receiving and learning healthy nutrition and physical activity habits that can last a lifetime.

Successful School Wellness Policies are the result of community input and involvement as well as transparent implementation.

Schools should be places that support the health and wellness of all children – no matter where they live, what school they attend, or what grade they are in.

Raise Your Hand. Support School Wellness.

The Road to Healthier Neighborhoods

We all want and deserve to live in safe, healthy communities. Walking and biking projects make communities and neighborhoods more livable by ensuring all people can get safely to where they need to go – work, school, the library, grocery stores, or parks. They also help people feel more connected to their neighbors, which improves quality of life.

Let’s make it safe for people to share the road with cars and trucks. Sidewalks that connect to parks, public transportation, and schools; roads that include designated and protected bike lanes; and streets that accommodate all people, can help us safely be active and improve our quality of life.

When children can walk to school, parks, and playgrounds, they are more likely to stay healthy and do better in school.

We know there are fewer crashes involving walkers when streets have sidewalks. People – including moms with strollers, people with disabilities, children, and older adults – need sidewalks and crosswalks to feel safe.


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