In my last blog, Wellness: Four Parts of a Whole, I talked about the 4 components of wellness: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. There are occasions in life where we may find ourselves feeling out of balance in one, if not all of the four areas. In today’s society, many people are always “on”. When we are always “on” and in demand, it can be difficult to keep everything in perspective and look at the big picture in life. We are often oriented to the immediate demands of the present moment. To change our behavior and pull ourselves back into balance, it can be challenging. Here are ten tips to keep overall wellness in check:

  1. Create Healthy Boundaries. Find a time to turn off screens and adhere to it. We are not made to be “on” all of the time. Establish a time and/or space that cannot be invaded by technology and the outside world.
  2. Learn to Meditate. Train your mind to live in the present moment. Focus on your breath. Learn to watch your thoughts and detach emotions so that you are able to respond to situations thoughtfully, rather than react brashly.
  3. Exercise. Our bodies need to move. Not only is exercise good for our physical health, but our metal as well. It is a great way to flush out stress hormones from the body.
  4. Practice Time Management. Prioritize, schedule and execute daily responsibilities.
  5. Practice Gratitude. An attitude of gratitude will overcome negativity and create a greater appreciation in life.
  6. Diversify Interests. Find a hobby that can tap into your creativity. You don’t have to be the best at it, just find something that you enjoy and do it.
  7. Get Back to Nature. Spend time outside without technology. It can be healing and grounding.
  8. Listen to Music. Music is one of the easiest ways to relax. Turn on the tunes and let it go.
  9. Manage Anger. We are usually angry because of unmet expectations. Adjust your expectations and your view on how much you can actually control in life. Energy is too precious to give it away to anger.
  10. Healthy Nutrition. Eat whole foods. Reduce white flour, sugar and salt. You will feel better.

*Tips adapted from Brian Luke Seaward, PhD